A Fresh Beginning

I hope you enjoy my meditation on renewing yourself for the New Year!

A Fresh Beginning:

I invite you to get comfortable in your space. Take some calming, cleansing breaths as you center yourself. Place both your feet on the floor and sit comfortably with your back straight for better energy flow. Your shoulders are down away from your ears, and relaxed. Rest your hands loosely on your lap, palms facing up. Breathe in slowly through your nose and out slowly through your mouth or nose. Feel your heart expand as you breathe in. Feel your heart relax as you breathe out. You feel lighter and more relaxed with every breath you take. You are free of all responsibilities now and you are letting go of any distracting thoughts or feelings. These moments are for you. If your mind wanders, come back to your breath. The New Year is full of hope, desires and renewal. You are accepting renewed energy as you breathe in, and you are releasing old energy from your body and mind as you breathe out. Breathe in fresh, pure, untouched, healing energy. Breathe out any past hurts, pain, disappointments, sadness. Release any heavy thoughts, feelings, tension, or discomfort from your body and mind. Release them into the ocean and visualize them being carried away by the waves. They are completely gone now, and you are feeling lighter. Allow the fresh, cleansing, new energy to freely radiate throughout your body. Visualize a white light sending healing energy to your heart center, and as it swirls around, it melts away any heaviness in your heart. You accept unconditional love as you breathe in, and you release unconditional love to others as you breathe out. The white healing light travels from your heart center to your mind and you feel the light melting away any heaviness in your mind. Visualize your heart sending renewed, refreshing energy to your mind. You are accepting renewed, forgiving thoughts as you breathe in, and you are radiating renewed, forgiving thoughts to others as you breathe out. Your heart and mind are now one; bring yourself to oneness. Your heart and mind are connected to the same thoughts and feelings of refreshing, renewed, forgiving, unconditional love that is radiating inside of you and radiating to others. Hold this feeling for a few moments. When you feel ready, you may bring back your awareness to your current environment. You may gently wiggle your toes and your fingers, and round off your shoulders. You are now in a more relaxed and focused state of being. Know that you can always come back to this feeling any time you’d like.