Coaching is an alliance in which you and your coach work together to explore changes that you want to make in your life. Together you will explore your vision of what you want for the future. The coaching alliance will support and assist you as you move forward in achieving your goals and vision.

Coaching helps clients work on their goals for the future and create a new life path. Unlike counseling, coaching is non-diagnostic. Counselors spend more time examining the past, looking for solutions to emotional concerns and seeking a diagnosis required by insurance companies. Coaching is a partnership and offers a collaborative approach to wellness. It is solution-focused and focuses on the present issue and how the client wants to move forward. Both coaching and counseling abide by the HIPAA guidelines.

1) Make a list of what you really want in your personal and professional life.  Coaching fosters the realization of tangible results when you have a clear vision that is based on your values.  We will work on clarifying your vision during our initial coaching sessions.

2) Coaching promotes getting to know yourself in a new way.  Working with a coach is a powerful way to grow.  Most clients hire a coach to accomplish several specific goals, and much of the time is spent working on these goals.  Yet, with coaching, don’t be surprised if you discover new parts of yourself, or, if you find yourself adjusting your goals to match who you really are.

3) Be open to expanding your level of willingness to change.  Part of working with me as your coach is that I will ask a lot of you, more than you may have been willing to ask of yourself.  I will ask you to experiment with fresh approaches and to be open to redesigning the parts of your life that are not serving you.  This, so you can more easily achieve your vision and live an integrated and fulfilled personal and work life.  Here are some areas in which we may work together:

  •          Remove sources of stress in your life
  •          Redesign how you spend your time
  •          Create a vision and goals that are bigger than you’ve    allowed yourself to have before
  •          Commit to self-care
  •          Re-examine the assumptions and decisions you’ve made
  •          Experiment and try new things
  •          Get the support you need to handle any problem that is getting in the way of fully realizing your potential

4) Call in to the coaching session on time and be prepared with an agenda.  We have a set amount of time together so calling in on time is critical.  Also you will want to have a focus for our meetings so you can get what you want from our session.  Your agenda may include:

  •          Successes and wins you’ve had since our last session
  •          Challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve handled them
  •          Opportunities you are generating
  •          The outcome you want for this coaching session

What you would like to work on next with me


“I have saved $1600 for the first time.” Michael G. GA


“This is the new me! My BP is down to 125/80. I don’t use my CPAP machine anymore. I’m breathing easier and sleeping better. I know it’s from exercising and eating healthier.” Debbie J. FL


“I’ve been smoke free for a year, no urges, no temptations. I have more endurance and I’m still saving money. I’m breathing easier.” Terrill Y. TX


Client has lost 60 lbs in one year. “My doctor is pleased with everything. I feel good. I’m still off my blood pressure medications and don’t have any side effects. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you Ms. Goulding.” Kenard P. VA


Smoke free for 6 months after 40 years of smoking. “Thanks for your help and support. It’s good to have someone there. “I have more endurance. I am swimming and walking longer and breathing better.” Christine G. AR


Smoke free for 6 months. “I want to thank you for your help. I feel like I have a new life, a new beginning. I am breathing better and have a lot less colds. I’m doing great.” Mary M. IL


“I feel coaching with you has been very helpful with keeping me to stay on track with my goals and my motivation. My wife is also losing weight and making healthier choices. It’s been a big family change.” David B. VA


“You put things in my head that I kept thinking about and I think that had a lot to do with me quitting [smoking]. I didn’t try before. Getting a chance to talk about it really helped. I’m sleeping better and have more energy, and my blood pressure is down.” Lauren P. FL


60 year-old woman who completed one year of coaching, lost 13 lbs and achieved 14 goals: “I made a lot of changes. I’m working for the first time in my life, I’m sleeping better, saying ‘no’ without guilt, my knees don’t hurt anymore, my blood sugars are better, I’m going to the doctor now. I couldn’t have done all of this without you, Cindy.”


Smoke free for 6 months: “I didn’t realize the effect coaching would have on me. You helped give me my life back.” Eric K. GA


"I appreciated all your help. I'm more consistent with doing things. I think you have been exceptional and I thank you for keeping up with me. Just speaking to you was a good consolation." Marjorie L. NY


“I am so happy, feeling a lot better. Not interested in smoking anymore. Smelling things better, breathing better. Thanks so much for your help. It wasn’t that easy without you. I didn’t think I could do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Sandra H. Puerto Rico


“You have been very encouraging. I can hear your voice when you’re not here. I can honestly say I do not want a cigarette. Thank you. You have been a great help with getting me through this. My blood pressure is down. I can breathe better. I am a free man.” Alan V. Chenoa, IL


“I really appreciate all your thoughts.” “It’s been really awesome to me and I appreciate your ideas and your partnership. You were inspiring and engaging and challenged me, and helped me change my way of thinking. Thank you so much.” Sam T. AZ


“I’m very appreciative of coaching, has been motivating. It allowed me to tackle my challenges with more clarity.” Gregory W. NY