10 Quick Ways to Make it a Great Day!

In a world of constant change and unpredictability, it is more important than ever to practice self-care throughout the day. Here are some quick and easy ways to keep yourself on top of your day and make it the best you can!

Enjoy the process of waking up. Before getting out of bed, give yourself a few minutes to just lie in bed and enjoy the comfort of your pillow, the warmth of being under your sheets, and the relaxed state of your body. This is a good time to tell yourself that you are going to have a prosperous day and to think of one thing that you want to accomplish. It could be something as simple as answering an email or going for a walk.

Express gratitude. Whether it is being grateful for being able to take a warm shower to recharge you, or being grateful for a reliable car to take you to your favorite places, it’s important to show gratitude. Being grateful for things in your life strengthens your connection to positive thoughts and keeps you grounded.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it sets the tone for the rest of your day when it comes to your energy level, focus, and mood. You have control over how you feel the rest of the day when you choose to eat a healthy breakfast. Protein (yogurt, cheese, lean meats) is a good choice as it helps ‘wake up’ the brain and keeps you satisfied for a few hours, unlike refined sugars (doughnuts, sugary cereals) that spike your blood sugars and leave you tired shortly afterwards.

Compliment someone. Think about how you feel when someone compliments you, and how you feel when you compliment someone else. What an easy way to make someone feel acknowledged and, at the same time, enhance your emotional health by spreading positive energy around.

Work towards a goal. If you want to achieve something, take a few minutes out of the day to work towards that goal. Break it down to make it achievable and realistic for you. Even if it is just making a phone call, you are moving forward and one step closer to accomplishing your goal.

Move. Just 5 minutes of physical activity can release endorphins, the ‘good mood’ chemicals, in your brain. Physical activity is a great way to improve your mood and concentration, and to increase your energy level. There are a variety of activities you can choose, including stretching, yoga, climbing stairs, jogging, swimming or cycling. Choose something you enjoy and just move. You can break down your work outs to 10 minute bouts if you don’t have time for a longer work out.

Do some deep breathing. Check your breathing pattern throughout the day. Slow, deep breathing can prevent feelings of anxiety and can reduce stress, as well as give you the oxygen you need to function at your best. You can do this anywhere during your day. It’s best to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Closing your eyes is an added benefit during deep breathing.

Drink plenty of water. Your body is 66 % water, so staying hydrated is essential for feeling good throughout the day. Caffeine and sugar are dehydrating and being dehydrated can make you feel tired and sluggish. Drinking water is also an effective way to flush toxins out of your system and keep you healthy.

Make time for self-care. Take time for yourself during the day. You can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first. Doing something you enjoy gives you an outlet and avoids feelings of resentment and being overwhelmed. Find something you enjoy and make time for it. This helps create a work/play balance in your life.

Get restful sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Restful sleep reduces stress, helps manage weight, prevents disease, and gives you the energy you need to feel good the rest of the day. Lack of sleep increases your tendency to crave high fat and high sugar foods. Practice good sleep habits such as being in a quiet, comfortable room, avoiding work-related activities before bedtime, going to bed at the same time each day and getting up at the same time each day, and avoiding caffeine, sugar and alcohol. When you feel rested, you are more likely to engage in healthy activities like exercising and eating balanced meals.