Protecting your Inner Peace

This book offers straightforward solutions to real life problems and teaches the reader to make peace with the most formidable opponent of all: oneself. Goulding’s work presents solutions by employing principles of Aikido and evidence-based psychological techniques. Get the Book Now!


on January 28, 2013
“Protecting Your Inner Peace: Staying Peaceful in Challenging Situations” is a must read. In today’s world one faces all kinds of challenges. One must be prepared to counter and resolve these challenges by peaceful means in order to avoid the cycle of more violence. The author, based on his vast experience in mastering and practicing marshal arts and dealing with real world cases in his line of work, has put into text a very practical format/manual to deal with these issues. This book, in my opinion, is worthy of being included in college courses for business, education as well as sociology and psychology majors. It would also be a valuable course for law enforcement trainees. By protecting your inner peace and hoping everyone else would do the same results in a peaceful society. Imagine that!”
 February 19, 2015
“A nice mix of different mental tools and philosophies to move to a more peaceful state of mind. I found many practical suggestions – some new to me and others I needed to be reminded of.”
on March 14, 2016
“This book is really great. It helped me understand how to better control my reactions to negative events and the actions of others. I especially appreciate the references and examples made from well-established practices such as martial arts.”
on September 27, 2014
“Michael does a great job with correlations between Akido and how to protect oneself from harmful verbal abuse. Apparently he gives lectures and workshops on these techniques as well. I have attended one of his workshops and walked away a better person.”